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TP-LINK TL-WR740N Router Firmware V4_120320 ismertető és letöltés

Fixes- Added IGMP Proxy function;- Enhanced WPS(QSS) function to prevent illegal hacking;- Fixed the bug that router may not do DNS request properly for LAN side client;- Fixed the bug that LAN side client may get the IP address from WAN side;- Fixed the bug that router only works at 20MHz bandwidth with Intel 5100 wireless adapter;- Fixed the bug that virtual server can't open one internal port for several uncontinuous external ports;- Fixed the bug that SSID with one or more blank space will cause Windows XP clients can not connect;- Fixed the bug that WEP key can't be modified if local wireless and WDS link both use WEP security type;- Fixed some display errors of LEDs;- Fixed some display errors of Daylight Saving time

Licensz: Freeware
Fájlnév: TL-WR740N_V4.0_120320.zip
Fájl mérete: NA (-1 byte)
Gyártó: TP-LINK
Kategória: FIRMWARE
Feltöltés dátuma: 2012.05.09

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