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Genius VideoCAM Look Webcam Driver ismertető és letöltés

~ MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger Compatible ~

Look! What a beautiful sphere!

Genius is now introducing another popular model in their popular video camera series, the VideoCAM Look. This superbly designed sphere is the best choice for you to chat with a built-in-MIC on MSN. It comes with true resolution of 640 x 480 with interpolation up to 1.3M pixels so you can share real images with friends. Which makes your images much more clearer on the Internet.

The special ID design is not only in a modern finish, and some of the parts are environmentally acceptable. The VideoCAM Look has an "easy touch" snapshot button on the top for quick image capture and a light triangle shape for support. The adjustable base can be swiveled 3600 smoothly to capture any movement around you, and you can use the zoom in/out function by software to get real clear images. It can convert AVI files into MEPG1 format to reduce the size of your files. It can also be used as a security camera and you can set the software to work at times when you're not around.

So, try this beautiful VideoCAM Look sphere with lots of functions so you can enjoy using the Internet.
Key features:

* Enjoy true 300K resolution
* Still image capture resolution interpolation up to 1.3M pixel resolution
* Still image capture and motion video clips
* Built-in MIC
* Use Web Camera as a security monitoring system
* Convert AVI files into MPEG1 format
* Zoom in /out for clarity
* Adjustable base rotates 360 degree smoothly
* Compatible with MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, CUSeeMe

Licensz: Freeware
Fájlnév: VCLook_V32.zip
Fájl mérete: NA (-1 byte)
Gyártó: GENIUS
Feltöltés dátuma: 2007.10.19

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