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Nvidia CUDA Toolkit 5.0.35 for XP64 ismertető és letöltés

Release Highlights:- CUDA Dynamic Parallelism allows __global__ and __device__ functions running on the GPU to launch kernels using the familiar "<<< >>>" syntax and to directly call CUDA Runtime API routines (previously this ability was only available from __host__ functions).- All __device__ functions can now be separately compiled and linked using NVCC. This allows creation of closed-source static libraries of __device__ functions and the ability for these libraries to call user-defined __device__ callback functions. The linker support is considered to be a BETA feature in this release. - Nsight Eclipse Edition for Linux and Mac OS is an integrated development environment UI that allows developing, debugging, and optimizing CUDA code.- A new command-line profiler, nvprof, provides summary information about where applications spend the most time, so that optimization efforts can be properly focused.- This release contains the following: NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit documentation NVIDIA CUDA compiler (NVCC) and supporting tools NVIDIA CUDA runtime libraries NVIDIA CUDA-GDB debugger NVIDIA CUDA-MEMCHECK NVIDIA Visual Profiler, nvprof, and command-line profiler NVIDIA Nsight Eclipse Edition NVIDIA CUBLAS, CUFFT, CUSPARSE, CURAND, Thrust, and NVIDIA Performance Primitives (NPP) libraries

Licensz: Freeware
Fájlnév: cuda_5.0.35_winxp_general_64.msi
Fájl mérete: 933,2 Mb (955612672 byte)
Gyártó: NVIDIA
Feltöltés dátuma: 2012.10.24

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